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Most applicant tracking systems are geared to the private sector. They require substantial (and expensive) customisation to fit the needs of non-profit organisations.

The JGP ATS is different. It’s built specifically for the non-profit. And because we’re not a huge corporation, we’re agile enough to adapt and add new functionality as your requirements change over time. Our client, Halton Borough Council, is a perfect example of how we build process specifically for your organisation.

A flexible, simple process

Our modules are designed to make recruitment tasks quick & simple, while allowing you to easily adjust your processes for hard-to-fill, unusual or important roles.

A growing, changing system

Our ATS grows & changes as technology progresses. Our team can guide you with lightning-fast setup & easy customisation.

Contracts to suit you

We offer a flexible range of contracts, allowing you to pick the features you need for the length of time you need them, whilst staying within your budget.

Tailor-made for the public sector, our applicant tracking system streamlines your recruitment process.

How it works

Our process has been honed over time to help our clients get the very most from the JGP ATS:



We establish the project scope and clearly define responsibilities and actions (yours and ours) to ensure expectations are aligned.

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Our dedicated project manager works with you to create a detailed project timeline and manage the process from start to finish to ensure you’re streamlining your application process.

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We build your ATS to your specifications, including customisation options setup of relevant modules, including shortlisting.



Our quality control team ensure everything is working as expected.



We train your team on the system to make sure they’re up to speed and our dedicated support team provide ongoing aftercare once your ATS is live.

What Our Clients Say

It has completely transformed our processes, saving us significant amounts of time. Any other organisation seeking to modernise their recruitment should look at JGP ATS, it’s worked for us, is easy to use and does practically everything we need it to. The reporting functions means that any information we need is pretty much one click away. It also offers value for money in terms of price.

Richard Rout Divisional Manager (Policy, People, Performance and Efficiency) at Halton Borough Council

We have been delighted by the service provided to Breast Cancer Now by JGP. Since implementing this ATS the simplified recruitment process has meant that we have seen our attraction rates rise by over 20%.

Most importantly for us we have seen a demonstrable increase in applicants from diverse backgrounds, particularly in terms of gender and ethnicity.

Breast Cancer Now

The JGP system has streamlined our processes, as well as giving us access to new forms of advertising. It also integrates seamlessly with other media and online job portals. Our relationship with JGP throughout the process has very much been a partnership. They have supported us throughout the development and each implantation phase and welcome the exchange of ideas in order to ensure that the system perfectly matched our needs.

We would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking to modernise and streamline their recruitment functions.

Stuart Hampson Director of Human Resources at Falkland Islands Government

We’ve used other applicant tracking systems, however we were drawn to the JGP system as we could then also use them for our advertising needs as well. The system is really easy to use and the ability to track application sources is extremely useful. This will help us make better-informed decisions regarding the advertising channels that actually bring in applications moving forward.

We would definitely recommend JGP to others as the ATS has already enhanced our recruitment processes. The set up and support from the team at JGP has been excellent too. The fact that we can also access online advertising through JGP tops it all off.

Estelle Rigby Principal HR Office at Rushmoor Borough Council

We are really happy with the JGP Applicant Tracking System and the ability to give our applicants the option to do an online form. The system looks great and is incredibly easy to use. It’s great being able to see where our applications are coming from, allowing us to gain a very clear idea of what advertising avenues have been most effective. It has also made a significant difference in helping us to monitor how many applications we may get as we can track at all times how many candidates are currently going through the application process.

I would highly recommend the system to others; it really has helped us streamline and improve our recruitment process.

Samina Khan Senior HR Officer at Tower Hamlets Community Housing

It was quickly apparent that many of our clerical functions would no longer be required, with most of the tasks being carried out more effectively and efficiently with the ATS. It would also help us to address many of the problem areas such as late/missing applications.

Richard Rout Divisional Manager (Policy, People, Performance and Efficiency) at Halton Borough Council
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