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Writing high-quality job adverts is key to attracting the best candidates to your roles. Candidates may be put off of applying for your vacancies if the ad copy is difficult to read, which only makes hiring for hard to fill roles even more of a challenge.

We’ve put together some top tips for writing your job adverts, to make sure you’re engaging with candidates who then go on to apply.

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For candidates to find out the information they need about your role, good formatting is crucial. Walls of text may prevent candidates from wanting to read an advert, resulting in a lack of interaction.

Your advert should be split into sections that allow candidates to digest information and find relevant details more easily. Appropriate sub-headings such as ‘Responsibilities’, ‘About You’ or ‘Working for Us’ are good examples to use. It’s also good practice to ensure that your sentences are short and get straight to the point. This makes information about job responsibilities or candidate criteria much easier to understand.

Moreover, it is important to format your ad copy from scratch wherever possible. It can be tempting to save time by copy and pasting content from previous adverts. However, without careful proofreading, this may result in leftover information from previous job adverts and will confuse prospective candidates. Repetitive adverts with the same wording may also lower your organic search ranking, making your jobs less visible to candidates who use search engines to find employment.

Be Persuasive

Are you selling your roles to the candidates who are clicking on them? It’s good practice to include a section in your ads that explains to candidates what it’s like to work for you. Highlighting the qualities of your location, as well as the benefits available to the successful candidate will allow you to win the edge over other employers advertising similar roles. This is particularly important if you’re hiring for a competitive job type such as social care or planning.

Ensure Your Job Advert is Relevant

Details as small as keywords can be crucial for targeting the right candidates. When uploading your job adverts, it’s important to check that you’ve tagged them with accurate keywords and locations. This will ensure that your role is being advertised under the sector and location that your candidates expect to see when searching on job boards. Always select as many keywords as are relevant to your job title, as this will improve the relevancy of the candidates viewing your job adverts.

Using keywords, such as your job title, in the ad copy will also boost your role’s performance. Your job advert will appear higher on search engines such as Google as well as on job boards if your advert contains lots of relevant terms that candidates may be searching for.

It is important that your ad copy is professional in order to attract the best candidates to your roles. If your adverts are well-formatted, persuasive and relevant you are much more likely to engage those candidates.

If you would like assistance with your ad copy, get in touch to find out more about our copywriting service!

Download your free job advert template here!