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How much is recruitment draining your team’s valuable time?

Overly-complicated and clunky recruitment processes don’t just impact your prospective candidates – often the biggest consequence is the unnecessary time wasted when processing this data.

This was the case for Halton Borough Council, who recognised that significant time was being spent on manual processes and separate systems. This included a downloadable Word document as an application form which were emailed in for review. On top of this, clerical tasks such as scheduling interviews and carrying out background checks were taking forever.

Obtaining data from their various systems was not always straightforward, making it extremely difficult to monitor performance of their processes, identify where value had been added or otherwise or demonstrate return on investment. At a time where it was becoming clear how important this data was, this became increasingly frustrating.

It was clear that something had to change.

The Jobsgopublic ATS

Driven by these ongoing issues, Halton Borough Council came to JGP to see if we could provide a solution. After an initial demonstration of our ATS, they knew they’d found it.

It was quickly apparent that many of our clerical functions would no longer be required, with most of the tasks being carried out more effectively and efficiently by the ATS. It would also help us address many of the problem areas such as late/missing applications.

Halton went live with their ATS in November 2017 and quickly appreciated the benefits of the system. Their processes were centralised and streamlined, allowing the team to spend their time on what really matters. The system also enabled them to work more efficiently as a team.

The transparency of the system means that we can see exactly what has and hasn’t been done and at what point. It also allows hiring managers to access application information whenever they want, rather than having to request it from HR or wait until the end of a campaign.

The speed and ease that we are able to carry tasks such as reference requests and regret management is fantastic. It has completely transformed our processes, saving us significant amounts of time.

The team at Halton also discovered that along with their ATS came the JGP Support team – always on the other end of the phone, an email or live chat.

We quickly built a great relationship with the Support team at JGP, they’re fast and efficient and have helped us with a number of questions we had.

The JGP ATS is specifically designed to help organisations like Halton Borough Council move away from unnecessarily complicated and overly-convoluted recruitment processes. It has allowed them to work more effectively, efficiently and collaboratively – saving them countless hours of precious time.

Any other organisation seeking to modernise their recruitment should look at JGP ATS, it’s worked for us, is easy to use and does practically everything we need it to. The reporting functions means that any information we need is pretty much one click away. It also offers value for money in terms of price.