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The August Bank holiday, for me, marks the end of the summer, a time to reflect on the year so far and look forward to the Autumn. We should all (in theory) be refreshed from our summer holidays. This year however, there is a significant difference to our working outlook. For the first time in the 23 years of JGP Resourcing, we will be without our office and working remote.

Moving Remote

Our office lease expired in August, and we have collectively decided to embark on a predominantly remote working arrangement. We believe we can be just as effective and productive (if not more so) working from home and meeting up in person every two weeks, or more if required. We have the desire, capability, and technology to continue operating normally (whatever that is).

Many other organisations will be considering, or have already begun, a similar path. For anyone running a business or leading teams it’s the start of a new chapter in our working lives and the consideration of a new set of rules and expectations in all who participate.

Continuing Business Success

In his book “The Next Rules of Work”, author Gary A. Bolles suggests that work has always consisted of a mindset, skillset and toolset. In order to continue to be successful in these uncertain times, those who lead and manage need to enable their workers with these principles in mind.

  • The mindset encompasses everything from how we feel about our work (culture), our mental health and wellbeing, through to our incentives and remuneration.
  • Skillset is what is required to perform our work, not just word processing and spreadsheets but the soft skills such as empathy, resilience and entrepreneurship
  • A toolset has always accompanied work, whether you’re a plumber or an accountant.

None of these 3 things are new, however the global pandemic and ensuing lockdowns have accelerated our adaption and adoption. Heightening the importance of wellbeing and neurodiversity in challenging times and situations.

How do we maintain organisation culture from a distance? What can we do to monitor and safeguard our mental and physical wellbeing? How do we deliver on personal development and career aspirations? And how do we maintain a collective sense of inclusion and belonging across teams and the organisation?

Some may have the answer to these questions already, but for many this is just the beginning. What is clear though this is an historic and fascinating time for work.