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At JGP, helping our clients attract and retain a diverse workforce is at the forefront of everything we do, and is embedded in our whole process. That’s why we’ve recently signed up to the recruiters’ pledge that Leadership 2025 introduced.

Leadership 2025 is a nine-month initiative sponsored by leading housing organisations L&Q, Optivo and BME London. Additionally, the Mayor of London is also supporting this ground-breaking scheme. The programme offers practical learning aimed at executive-ready and chief executive-ready senior managers from BME backgrounds.

Leadership 2025 is more than the average leadership programme. It aims to disrupt the housing sector in a positive way and challenge current perceptions. It also promotes diversity as more than a box-ticking exercise, highlighting the business benefits.

Why Is It Important?

In many areas, the housing sector is ahead of the curve on diversity and inclusion in employment. However, the sector falls short in the proportion of BME people in key leadership roles. It is disproportionately small with people from ethnic minority backgrounds holding just 4% of senior leadership roles. Yet in 2015/16 people from ethnic minority backgrounds headed 17% of social renting households in England. Thus, Leadership 2025 has a long-term ambition of supporting the creation of a housing sector that’s vibrant and diverse at all levels. They want to see a better representation of ethnic minorities at leadership levels.

What Is The Leadership 2025 Recruiters’ Pledge?

Leadership 2025 have created a five-point plan to support housing providers in achieving greater diversity in their leadership teams. This plan includes a commitment to diverse recruitment panels as well as interviewing diverse pools of candidates for senior positions – the so-called ‘Rooney Rule’.

A number of leading housing associations, including L&Q, Optivo, Network Homes, and Metropolitan Housing Partnership have already signed up to adopt the plan.

Leadership 2025 are asking housing sector recruiters to help organisations recognise the importance of diversity in recruitment. As such, they want to encourage them to adopt the principles and spirit of the Rooney rule.

Therefore, JGP has agreed to the three-point pledge when recruiting on behalf of housing providers.

The pledge is as follows:

  1. To ask if an organisation has signed up to the ‘Rooney Rule’. And, if not, ask what if anything is acting as a barrier.
  2. To ask if an organisation has signed up to be a Leadership 2025 champion and implement the five-point action plan to create a more ethnically diverse leadership within the sector. And, if not, ask what if anything is acting as a barrier to this.
  3. To offer to support organisations in implementing the principles of the ‘Rooney Rule’ and develop a more diverse talent pool of candidates for recruitment campaigns.

We are delighted to take this pledge and look forward to helping organisations achieve a truly diverse workforce.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us!