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With the recent uptick in candidate activity seen across the public sector, employers are facing new challenges in the hunt for talent. Recruitment and internal Resourcing teams are not only having to work out where to find the best candidates, but also have to go through the time-consuming process of shortlisting reams of applications to decide who to take to interview.

The London Borough of Waltham Forest recognised this issue at the start of their campaign to recruit Senior Project Managers and a Project Director to their Corporate and Schools teams. With the help of our expert resourcing team, they were able to successfully recruit three new members to their team.

The Brief

The team at Waltham Forest had previously advertised the role and seen a decent number of applications submitted. However, none of the candidates were the right fit for the role.

Our resourcing team took an in-depth brief to fully understand the type of candidate that would fit into the team. From this, we were able to target candidates from a wide range of backgrounds. We did this through both our active candidate search and advertising activity.

Our Approach

Our team got to work searching for relevant candidates across LinkedIn and JGP’s own extensive audience. They reached out to those with the right experience and assisted them throughout the application process, taking queries that would have previously taken up the team at Waltham Forest’s time.

Additionally, our marketing team set up a multi-platform advertising strategy. They pushed the roles out on PPC platforms such as Google Ads, as well as to a wide range of job boards using our aggregator service, Appcast CPC.

The Results

After the roles closed, both our search and advertising resulted in 177 applications for both roles. Resourcing reviewed these applications and provided a shortlist of candidates ready for the team at Waltham Forest to interview. From this, they went on to hire two new members to their team, a 100% success rate!

Hannah Dalgleish, Project Director at Waltham Forest, had this to say about our resourcing team’s contribution:

The whole campaign was managed efficiently, and we had an incredible response to both job adverts. Rosemeena managed the whole process, up until the interview stage and it was one of the most seamless recruitment processes I have ever been involved with.

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JGP Resourcing application statistics: 117 applications and 3 successful hires