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Filling positions in your planning team is hard enough at the best of times, never mind while adapting to the various challenges that come when recruiting during lockdown. However, with a positive approach and a well thought out strategy, Hammersmith & Fulham were able to recruit ten new members to their planning team.

Taking on such a challenge can be a daunting prospect in such an ever-changing recruitment environment. Their forward-thinking also means they now have the tech infrastructure in place to run similar recruitment campaigns in the future with the confidence of this successful campaign.


The Brief

A common problem when recruiting to areas such as planning where there is a skill shortage, is that employers’ job adverts don’t reach a wide enough audience and aren’t able to engage with relevant professionals at an early enough stage in a candidate’s job search. This is how our Senior PPC & Performance Marketing Executive responded to this issue:

Our performance data from previous planning campaigns gave us valuable insight into the best attraction channels. We had previously seen that candidates that go on to get hired for similar roles had come from a wide range of sources such as pay-per-click advertising, email marketing and external media, so we put together a comprehensive campaign that encompassed the most effective of these elements.


Our Approach

After reviewing the job adverts and content on their dedicated planning campaign site, our team got to work building exposure and driving relevant candidates to both. But our work didn’t stop there. 

We constantly reviewed the ad copy, as well as keyword and location targeting. This ensured they were driving relevant traffic to the roles and reaching candidates before they went onto other job boards.

Our Performance Monitoring System allowed us to see which media channels candidates were engaging with most. We then adjusted our approach throughout the campaign to focus on those that were leading to the most applications.


The Results  

Once the roles had closed, the Hammersmith and Fulham recruitment team got to work sifting through the 242 applications.  This resulted in a very strong cost per application of £63. In addition, Hammersmith and Fulham now have the technical infrastructure in place to take on similar sizeable recruitment challenges.

Joanne Woodward Chief Planning and Economic Development Officer said:

I’m delighted with the results; I was surprised by the number of applications we received for the campaign which gave us a strong field of candidates to select from. We felt it may be ambitious to fill all 10 roles during lockdown and with the budget we had but I’m really impressed with how JGP promoted the positions and the interest we were able to generate.

After interviewing the best applicants, Hammersmith and Fulham found that there were several hireable candidates for each role. Not only were they able to set up a complex campaign during a time where most councils were pausing their external recruitment, they were successful in filling all the roles they went out with high-quality planning professionals.


Find out how JGP can help hire hard to fill roles smarter and faster through data-driven marketing and enquire here!