Hackney Homes – Housing Recruitment
November 24, 2020


Hackney Homes came to JGP with an exciting proposition. In a first-of-its-kind move for the organisation, they had devised a new training programme that provided young people with a step-up into careers within the public sector.

Rather than an internship or apprenticeship, the scheme offered successful candidates full positions within Hackney Homes. They would pay candidates accordingly and provide thorough on-the-job training.

With 19 vacancies available over two phases, Hackney Homes wanted to attract ambitious, creative and hard-working young people. After hearing about the highly successful partnership between JGP and another Hackney Council department, Hackney Homes approached JGP. They commissioned us to assist with the entire campaign, from attraction all the way through to appointment.

The objectives were to create a campaign which spoke directly to the target audience. This was particularly aimed at local jobseekers within Hackney, with the aim of giving back to the community. We placed a high priority on creating a smooth candidate journey, ensuring that retention levels were high throughout the process. The biggest challenge of all was the timing. Both phases required a tight timeframe, requiring large numbers of applications in a short amount of time.


We devised a multi-stage process.

Firstly, we started with a talent pool which allowed candidates to quickly register their interest and Hackney Homes to filter candidates for minimum criteria. We invited successful candidates to apply in full through JGP’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Following this, we took those who met the more complex criteria through to an assessment centre and interviews.

JGP also created a purpose-built career site to act as the face of the campaign, with the running theme and tagline ‘Your journey starts here’. The tagline represented candidates taking the first steps of their career journey with Hackney Homes.

The career site provided a flexible and modern central hub for the campaign rather than attempting to adapt Hackney’s main site.

With research showing that 92% of candidates in the target audience still used Google as their first port-of-call in a job search, Google advertising played a significant part in the attraction campaign. This ran alongside highly targeted social media advertising which utilised imagery from the career site to create a cohesive campaign.

On top of the digital attraction campaign, JGP contacted a number of London universities in order to promote positions to recent local graduates. As a result, the scheme was advertised on a number of university job boards, social media and alumni recruitment pages.


Considering the short time that both phases were live, we received significant volumes of applications. We quickly filtered these candidates and invited those meeting minimum criteria to apply through JGP’s ATS.

  • 1,500 Talent Pool applications
  • 400 ATS applications
  • 40 applicants invited to interview
  • 19 hires

The campaign was a huge success and Hackney Homes were not only able to fill all of the original vacancies but also extra candidates were used to fill additional roles.

The achievements of the campaign were not only recognised by being shortlisted for ‘Recruitment Innovation’ at the 2015 In-House Recruitment Awards, but also being presented the award for ‘Recruitment Campaign of the Year’ at the 2016 PPMA awards.

As we have come to expect, JGP delivered excellent customer service and we will have no hesitation in using them for our next round of recruitment.

Faisal Pirbhai – Resident Participation and Communities Manager

This was the smoothest campaign to date from start to finish – working with an experienced company who have the ability to find the right calibre of candidates first time round was highly beneficial, time saving and cost effective.

Emma John Francis – Project Manager, Hackney Homes

I think the programme is a fantastic first step into local government/housing because you have the opportunity to learn as you work, which makes you more aware of your own development and identify what behaviours are expected of you. I think that the programme paves a new and less-traditional route into local government/housing that was much needed.

Kelsey Comrie – Customer Services Officer – Leasehold Services (new recruit)

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