How Will the Cost-of-Living Impact Hiring Within the Public Sector?
March 15, 2022
Lauren Fowles

Whether it’s the cost of fuel, the raise in energy tariffs or increased national insurance percentages, there are many factors contributing to the growing cost of living in the UK. As an Employer, you’ll need to be aware of how this could impact staff retention.

The simple answer would be to raise the wages of all your employees to accommodate for these increases. But for organisations that aren’t in the position to do so, such as those restricted by government pay scale limitations, the solution will need to be more creative.

 Although pay is important for employees, there are other benefits that motivate talent to stay within organisations.

Flexible Working

 Having a healthy work/life balance is at the forefront of people’s requirements, with recent years only highlighting its importance. In fact, a recent survey showed that 66% of employees value this benefit above pay increases.

 Whether through offering alternative working hours throughout the week, or remote working where possible, your organisation can utilise this benefit to retain your top talent.

Pension Schemes

 The government-based pension scheme is often miles above those of businesses within the private sector. However, this is rarely mentioned within the recruitment process. To help encourage longevity with your employees, this noteworthy benefit should be highlighted within all job descriptions and adverts.

Job Security

 The continued success of a privately funded business can often be uncertain. Which can lead people to have a lack of job security. Roles within the public sector, however, are more reliable due to their nature and government funding. This is a benefit that could out-way that of increased pay for candidates in need of job consistency, such as those with families to support.


Organisations within the public sector are often keener to invest in skills development and training than private-sector employers. This is likely because they would rather fill skill gaps within their existing team, rather than outsource the skills at a greater cost. If your organisation encourages the training and development of your staff, this will speak volumes to the younger candidate pool that are just starting their careers.

All these benefits are those that are most likely already available within your organisation, but the candidates that you’re looking for aren’t aware of them. To stand out from private sector businesses that can motivate talent through wage, you need to be shouting about these benefits more. Many of our public sector clients have decided to do this by showcasing their benefits on a careers page.

If you want to understand how your organisation could better stand out within this recruitment landscape, get in touch with our team.

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