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Hiring the right person takes time. You already have a lot on your plate. So let us help you out.

With 20+ years of experience in recruiting for public sector organisations, charities, housing associations, and educators, we have a vast candidate database and strong relationships with exceptional talent.

Our expertise and access to premium recruitment tools like LinkedIn Recruiter enable us to save you time and hire for hard-to-fill roles.

Target passive candidates and broaden your reach

Up to 70% of happy employees could be tempted with the right offer. We use a hybrid of standard advertising and recruitment agency models to get your advert seen by a wider range of people with the right skills and experiences.

Offer an exceptional candidate experience

When your campaign volume outstrips your capacity, our response management service is here for you. We cover application form review, interviewing, psychometric and capability testing, and more.

Take the risk out of finding quality applicants

We help you determine the best mix of media for your roles. By understanding the key messages of your campaign and placing ads on the optimal combination of job sites, search engines, aggregators and social platforms, we find the most relevant talent.

Request your free market map for your hard-to-fill vacancy to learn how successful your recruitment campaign could be.

How it works

Our Tri-Source process helps us source the talent you need to drive your organisation forward and achieve your strategic goals.

Rather than charging a bulk fee, you only pay once each stage has been completed, and we’ll only move to the next stage if you’re happy with our progress.



(20% of project cost, delivered in one week)

We collaborate with your recruitment lead to develop a comprehensive brief and conduct an initial search to gauge the size of the candidate market.

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(40% of project cost, delivered in three or four weeks)

We contact relevant candidates through LinkedIn, and advertise the roles using external media and our own candidate audience, and guide candidates through each step of the process.

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(40% of project cost, delivered in one week)

We take control of the offer stage and liaise with candidates after the interview. We stay in regular touch with candidates to make sure they are not lost to another organisation or counter-offer.

What you get

Our results-driven recruitment model incorporates the following deliverables:


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  • Media recommendations arrow next
  • Suggested changes to job advert/title arrow next


  • Longlist of suitable candidates arrow next
  • Detailed breakdown of the candidates we recommend you interview, incorporating strengths, weaknesses & suitability against the person spec arrow next
  • Comprehensive mid and post-campaign performance reports arrow next


  • The right person for your role! arrow next

What Our Clients Say

The whole campaign was managed efficiently, and we had an incredible response to both job adverts. JGP managed the whole process, up until the interview stage, and it was one of the most seamless recruitment processes I have ever been involved with.

Hannah Dalgleish Project Director at Waltham Forest Council